Monday, February 23, 2009

Save Money on Food

It's easy to save money on food if you know how. It becomes second nature. And it's fun!

Saving money on groceries may be as simple as matching up sales and coupons. I do this all the time and routinely come home with free items. Especially if you have a store in your area that has a double coupon day, it may be worth going on that day. Remember, though, if you end up spending more than you planned in order to reach the minimum purchase requirement to get the coupons doubled (or tripled) it may not be worth it. If you spend $10 more than you planned in order to get $5 more in coupons, you're still not coming out ahead.

Planning ahead is essential in order to save money on food. Make a budget for your food. Make a grocery list. Organize your coupons.

This post is an introduction to the wonderful world of grocery shopping. More tips and tricks will follow.

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