Monday, April 6, 2009

March Earnings

I started a few different things this month, including affiliate links. Since I started in the middle of the month, I haven't made anything off that yet, but I'm hoping to use the affiliate links to compliment my adsense to hopefully make a little more money.

MyPoints: $20 this month. Pretty exciting!

eHow: about $35. Slowly but surely...

Bukisa: about $1. I experimented with not writing anything at all for 2 weeks on Bukisa to get a feel for what I would make if I stopped writing on there altogether, how much I would make per article per day.

Inbox Dollars: about $3 this month. Not terrible for about 3 minutes' worth of work...

CashCrate: no more money, but a few more referrals...

Adsense: another 1c.

I also did some mystery shopping this month, for $150. It was one job, for something I've been wanting to get anyway.

I also got $6 altogether from surveys.

So my total earnings in the month of March are $215. I would guess I did perhaps 40 hours worth of work altogether.

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