Sunday, July 5, 2009

June Earnings

As I've been posting online earnings for the past six months, I've decided to stop posting after this update. My goal is to write more for this blog, but no more earnings posts.

So let's jump right in then:

MyPoints: I've been lazy with BzzAgent, so I've not racked up the MyPoints points as quickly as I had anticipated. Still working toward the $25 gift card.

eHow: $49.79: 21 cents short of my goal for the past 3 months! My long-term goal in January was to be making $150 per month from eHow by the end of July. Barring some miracle, that's not going to happen.

Bukisa: $0.60 with a total of 30 articles.

Inbox Dollars: Still averaging about $3. Getting closer to payout! I may just get payout by September, at this rate.

CashCrate, mystery shopping, and surveys garnered me nothing this month. I was too busy in the garden.

Examiner: $54.64 with one referral. Decent.

And I finally made a little money on Adsense.

As far as this month goes, I'll be focusing on InfoBarrel and Examiner mostly. More articles were taken from eHow, so I hope to write a few this month to get me up to 80 on eHow. We'll see.

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