Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Telling Children No

Telling a child she can't have something can be difficult, especially when the reason has to do with money. Certain times, it has to be done. The key in telling children no is to offer a thorough explanaition along with the no. Small children can be especially difficult to explain to things about money and reasons we can and cannot spend money. Talk with your children about money often. Let them see you paying bills and writing checks. Explain checks, cash, and debit and credit cards. Gently explaining that money is too tight for the new toy, without becoming hostile or raising your voice, will speak volumes to children later on. Money is a subject everyone should know about, as we all use money in our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. Talk about value with children. Everything and everyone has a certain amount of value, whether monetary or not. Talking about value and money with children gives them a definite leg up when they begin earning and spending their own money. Telling a child no can be easy when you follow with a gentle explanation of money and affordability.

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