Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tis the Season for Televisions!

If ever there was a time to get a quality television on the cheap, this is it!  Many electronics stores are holding sales online and in-store.  With the electronics industry suffering the same as other industries (perhaps even more so) and new technologies being released and scheduled for release, the perfect storm is brewing for consumers to get a great deal.  The Quintessential Cheapskate is going to predict great deals on televisions now through the end of January.

Some tips on snaging an awesome price on a quality television:
-research the size and type of television you want.
-get a 1080 if the television is over 40 inches, get a 720 if the TV is under 40 inches.
-shop around for the best deal; if you don't, you may find you didn't get such a great deal after all.
-get cables and the wall mount (if desired) seperately from the TV.  If you shop around for television components, you'll find you can pay a fraction of the price as you would if you had gotten everything all together with the television.
-plan to future-proof your TV set as much as possible.  Plan to have this TV for a while.

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  1. Good tips on the TV hunt. I was hoping President's Day would have good deals, but there were none so amazing that I felt I had to buy yet. I think I'll wait till I get more pressure from my fiance, hehe.