Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Coffee for a Year- an Experiment

I decided in December of last year that I'd like to try a new experiment when it comes to free stuff.  I decided to try to get free coffee for the entire year, whether through samples, coupons, or rebates.  So far, I've contacted 8'Oclock Coffee and got two bags of coffee free.  Since I'm the only one who drinks coffee here, I still have a bag and a half left. (Learn How to Contact Companies for Coupons) I also got some samples from a recent hotel stay.

Just today, I was able to sign up early for a Starbucks BzzAgent campaign.  I'm anticipating either a free bag of coffee outright, or a coupon for a free bag.  So, at the start of March, total money spent on coffee the entire year: $0.  I would guess, before having the Starbucks coffee, that I have enough coffee to last at least until April.

Another key to saving money on coffee which I do nearly every time I make a pot, I add some dried, ground dandelion root.  Since I have issues with kidneys/liver, the dandelion root really helps.  Adding a little to the coffee grounds helps to get rid of dark circles around the eyes and relieve menstrual cramps.  I know I sure have felt a difference.  I picked the dandelion root and roasted it myself, so I spent no money on it.


  1. That is pretty interesting. Free coffee eh?

  2. I'm going to try to contact Starbucks. I spend way too much money on coffee each year.