Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Easy Money

EHow is starting to come more easily to me. I've written 75 articles in about 8 or so months. At first I found it difficult to find the time, mostly, to write content. I also found it difficult to adhere to the how-to format. Writing in general can be difficult for me sometimes. Prose just flows very easily, as in the content I have been writing, but even prose sometimes is difficult for me to crank out. The most difficult thing for me in writing, I think, is the slow start with money. I'm finally now starting to make some money at it, even though it's way less than I had hoped I would make.

Now that my content is up, on eHow, Examiner, and other various sites, it's nice to sit back and make money while I am not even trying to make money! I can write an article in half an hour and spend the rest of my day hanging out with my girls, working in the garden, working toward saving money, or whatever I want. That article is still being viewed, even as I sleep, and is making easy money!

Of coarse content writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It does take time, to write the articles, promote them, and give search engines time to pick them up so still more people can view them. Making easy money is a better use of my time, though, than reading celebrity gossip!

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