Monday, June 1, 2009

May Earnings

May was a middle-of-the-road month as far as earnings are concerned. I was too busy in my garden to make much money.

MyPoints: I decided not to cash in this month. Usually I go for the $10 gift cards, but I decided to save up for a $25 one. I should have enough for that in a few days!

eHow: $44.98, which is exactly 16c more than last month. I'm convinced that in June I'll make at least $50 on eHow.

Bukisa: 55c. I wrote 2 articles on Bukisa this month.

Inbox Dollars: about $3 again, just for checking email!

CashCrate: nothing. No time due to the gardening.

Mystery Shopping: again, nothing, because of the garden.

Surveys: $6 this month.

Finally, about $2.50, after 2 weeks and 6 articles. Pretty good. If you sign up for the examiner, be sure to use referral code 10783.

Altogether, that's a grand total of about $57.

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